Steam Station Design Build Project

Project Class: Construction Management

Project Reference: GSA Building, F Street, Washington, DC

Project Description: Puente as a prime contractor completed a steam station design-build by providing all mechanical services required to replace steam station and bring it up to current requirements, i.e. ASME. Puente replaced and installed all steam regulators valves, four main valves and ensured upstream strainer valves were implemented into the system. In addition, installed new balancing valves and made provisions for bypass lines as part of requirements.

Project Scope: Prime contractor, project management, construction management, safety management (OSHA certified), Quality Control (CQM certified), equipment rigging and staging, equipment installation, new pipe insulation from the starting point through all work disturbed, installed new relief safety valves, contract administration and subcontract management, interpretation of construction documents according to A/E specifications, and preparation of submittals, RFI, and SOW completion.

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